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Application Deadline Information

Application Deadlines

For both the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) courses, we advise applicants to complete the application process at their earliest convenience after applications have opened (usually around 1 October for the following year).

Application closing dates vary and it is at the discretion of each institution when they close their courses. Applications for a course may close early if all the places on the course have been taken. Applicants are, therefore, encouraged to apply as early as possible to stand the best chance of securing a place on their preferred course.

Applicants wanting to apply for a full-time course starting in September are advised to complete their application by June/mid-July if possible as courses generally start to close from the end of July onwards. Applications may continue into August/September depending on which institution you are applying to and the number of places still available.

Please ensure that you check the relevant course providers’ websites for details of course start dates and application closing dates as they may not consider late applications.

Applicants for courses starting in January should have their applications completed before Christmas if possible.

Please note: if a Training Contract provider has given a deadline, applicants should adhere to that.

International applicants who need a visa and are applying for a January course should have their application completed by the beginning of November to ensure there is sufficient time to organise all the required information.

International students who need a visa and wish to start a September course should have their application completed by the end of June to ensure there is sufficient time to organise all the required information.

Please note: References are required for the majority of applications. Please contact your referee to ensure both their willingness and availability to provide the recommendation prior to nominating them on your application. Applications are not released to the course providers until the reference has been received.

The SRA has now updated their Education and Training Regulations regarding obtaining the Certificate of Academic Standing (GDL Applicants) and the Certificate of Completion of the Academic Stage (LPC Applicants). Please check their website - http://www.sra.org.uk/students/students.page - for further information.

If you have any character and suitability issues it is very important that you contact the SRA at least 6 months in advance of your anticipated LPC start date.

GDL applicants whose qualifications were obtained outside of the UK and who wish to become barristers should contact the Bar Standards Board (BSB) for further information prior to course registration (www.barstandardsboard.org.uk – contactus@barstandardsboard.org.uk)

Application Fee

The current application fee for the LPC, GDL and SQE preparation courses is £25.00.